Story Map


What Story Maps are

Story Maps capture the essential narrative elements of a story in a loose sketch form. Sketched either on a wall or a large sheet of paper, they consist of markings made by design teams and stakeholders, Post-It People (laser cut Post-It notes), Prompt Cards and other local resources that can be drawn-on to visually represent key elements of the story.

How Story Maps are used

Story maps are spun-out while using designed resources such as Dial-a-Plot and Event Cards and in conjunction with design directives in the form of affinity diagrams and context maps. Story Maps provide authors with a means to play with and elaborate on a story outside the formal constraints of scenarios and storyboards and without losing sight of the narrative elements that characterise the story, such as the three ‘acts’ (beginning, middle, and end), kernel and satellite events, and plot functions.


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