Proverb Randomizer


What the Proverb Randomizer is

The Proverb Randomizer is a game-like activity designed to prompt scenario authors to consider including in the content of their work proverbial ‘lessons’ that help make the system of values that their scenarios adhere to clear to the reader.

The resource consists of a checkered game board, two x three-sided dice, and a set of cards. The board is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant has a distinct visual theme that is conveyed by the work of a famous artist; Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Paul Klee, Katsushika Hokusai, and Marc Zaharovich Chagall.

How the Proverb Randomizer is used

§ One of the themes/artists is chosen.

§ A proverb is assigned in the chosen quadrant at the intersection of two numbers given by the throw of two three-sided dice (or picking two numbers from 1 – 3 at random).

§ The content and plot of the scenario are adjusted to fit the given proverb.

The Proverb Randomizer has been fruitfully applied at the carfting stage of scenario composition, i.e. once the basic framework of a scenario has been spun, the scenario needs to be fleshing out and meanings need to be considered.


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