Over 7,000 downloads, and mailings to 8 countries

Thank you for your interest in Storienteering resources.

Since the launch of this site in 2013, over 7,000 downloads have been made. In addition, A2 size worksheets have been mailed to eight different countries, including; Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France and the UK. Through file sharing, group work and collaborations it’s likely that many more people know about and use the resources.

If you have any stories that you feel you can share (good or bad, its all good!) about the resources, they would be greatly appreciated since they will help to make a strong case for continuing the research. The link to tell your stories is here, or email via the ‘contact’ tab.

The doctoral research that underpins the development of storienteering resources will wrap-up next year (2017). However the site will stay up and new resources that are in development will be posted to the site in due course.

With regards.

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