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The resources posted here for download are of two kinds; Storienteering Resources and Visual Design Resources.


Storienteering Resources

For the most part, everything included on the A2 worksheets is also available as separate A4 resource sheets. Card sets are provided at print resolution, whereas worksheets are provided at screen resolution. Contact me for high rez versions.


A2 worksheets

Each A2 worksheet has all the components needed to incorporate one storienteering resource in a design setting. Note that typically storienteering resources are not used on their own, but rather are used in approaches where other standard design resources, methods and tools are coordinated to fit particular design situations. For information about how resources work in coordinated approaches see The Resources.

Each worksheet includes; paper-based resources, examples of resource use, background information and helpful links to sources of knowledge.

1. Dial-a-Plot Worksheet, includes; selector, cards and dice (1.7MB) 

2. Events worksheet, includes; Event Cards and Event Map (683kb) 

3. Proverb Randomizer worksheet, includes; board (partial), 3-sided dice (588kb)


A4 resources

Dial-a-Plot (151kb)

Dial-a-Plot cards (1.5MB)

Dial-a-Plot backstory (827kb)

Event Map (149kb)

Event Cards: (1.6MB editable file) 

Prompt Cards: (138kb pdf)

Proverb Randomizer Board, A3 (920kb)

Proverb Card Set: Klee (5.3MB)

Proverb Card Set: Chagall (4.6MB)

Proverb Card Set: Hokusai (3.5MB)

Proverb Card Set: Bruegel (4.76MB)

Proverb Randomizer Extras (150kb)

Paper dice (136kb)


Visual Design Resources

Event Notation Icon Set (306kb)

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